Thursday, October 7, 2010

WHY Richmond is the perfect place for a slave museum

THere are only two places suitable for a slave museum.  One is in Montgomery Alabama, the first capital of the Confederacy, or in Richmond.

Richmond wins out, because the Confederacy had it's capital there, and the massive earth works, which were built by slaves.  

No other single place had so many slaves, being tortured, as Richmond during the Civil War.   It's largely an untold story.

Plus, it was the Richmond newspaper that published the "Five Ultimatums"  by the Southern Leaders, then in Montgomery.   All five of the Ultimatums by the South were about slavery.  

On a giant display, just as you enter the slave mueseum, should be a list of those Five Ultimatums.  All the demands were about slavery -- and the first thing the South demanded, was that slavery be forced into the territories, against the wishes of the people there.  

The Ultimatums show -- in one place -- the violence and insanity that dominated the South for generations, to spread slavery.

Almost no one today is taught about the Five Ultimatums about slavery.    In fact, few history teachers even know about them.   But the Confederacy boasted about them at the time.